Wigs & Wishes® Powered by Friends Are By Your Side®


Every day, thousands of women and children are diagnosed with cancer. Wigs & Wishes® Powered by Friends Are By Your Side® is a non-profit organization founded by Martino Cartier, that is dedicated to providing wigs & granting wishes to these courageous individuals. Supporting such a large initiative is made possible by a network of participating salons, stylists and global corporate sponsorships. Salons and stylists throughout the world empower women by providing them with complimentary services that allow them for a brief moment to forget about their fight.

Recent wishes and events include: Taylor Swift Meet & Greet for Alex, Justin Bieber Meet & Greet front row for Kiki, A day on the set with Adam Sandler for Angela, a family honeymoon for Jim Zetz, an Annual Night of Wigs & Wishes and plenty more!

For more information visit friendsarebyyourside.org

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