Talk Dirty to Me




Dry  Shampoo

Talk Dirty to Me Dry Shampoo will leave your hair feeling as if you washed, conditioned and blow-dried your hair without ever wetting it. This revolutionary rice-based formula will instantly absorb oils without leaving hair stiff. Talk Dirty to Me was formulated to protect and nourish the hair. This blend will add bounce back into even the finest of hair, without the messy residue. Getting down and dirty never felt this clean.

How to Use:

Shake. Spray root area and mid shaft holding can 6”-8” away from the hair, brush through with the Martino Paddle Brush. Brushing will evenly distribute and activate product leaving you with residue-free results. For added volume, use your blow dryer after flipping your head upside down.

Product Features:
  • Signature rice-based formula. No talc, corn starch or baby powder.
  • Adds life and bounce to hair in between regular wet shampoos
  • Removes impurities to leave hair soft, clean, fresh and revitalized
  • Fast Drying
  • Quickly and gently absorbs oils, dirt and styling product residue
  • Color conserving UVB Filter & Heat Protectant protects hair from the sun, UV rays and thermal tools.
  • Shinier, sexier, healthier hair courtesy of Omegas 3, 6 & 9
  • Signature Soymilk and Almond fragrance


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