Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

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Complete Care Shampoo gently removes excess oil, debris and buildup to reveal hair that is healthy, full and vibrant. This luxuriously creamy and color safe formula helps to restore deep hydration to repair split ends while adding body and volume as it cleanses. Hydrating Volumizing Conditioner is a luxurious conditioner that replenishes hair with lasting hydration as it smoothens and detangles without buildup or residue. The weightless formula fortifies hair to improve elasticity, while it maximizes body and volume especially to fine and limp hair.

About Jewels Of The Nile

Martino by Martino Cartier’s proprietary elixir, Jewels of the Nile delivers the ancient benefits of Myrrh, Papyrus Milk, Blue Nile Honey and Rose Attar into expertly crafted modern day formulas infused with biotin and caffeine to promote healthy and vibrant hair.


Powerful antioxidant, moisturizes, protects and strengthens for younger looking hair

Papyrus Milk

Superior moisturizer, smoothens and imparts silky softness for vibrant looking hair

Blue Nile Honey

Intensive nourishment restores moisture and boosts shine for healthy looking hair

Rose Attar

Natural astringent that strengthens the roots as it moisturizes and softens hair


Revitalizes hair with vitamin B to promote elasticity to prevent breakage


Strengthens hair at the roots to impart healthier hair that is thicker and fuller


For normal hair: after shampooing with Martino by Martino Cartier Complete Care Shampoo, apply this luxurious conditioner working through hair from root to ends. Leave in for 1-2 minutes and then rinse out.
For fine hair: Use Martino by Martino Cartier Hydrating Volumizing Conditioner first before shampooing with Martino by Martino Cartier Complete Care Shampoo to achieve maximum volume.


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