Power Ball Compact Hair Dryer

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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style because you’re on the go or prefer a lighter weight tool. The Martino by Martino Cartier Power Ball Compact Hair Dryer is smaller and lighter than a conventional dryer. In fact, it fits in the palm of your hand! Efficiently equipped like a regular hair dryer, the Power Ball has multiple heat settings with comparable power to dry your hair quickly For shorter styles, our Power Ball Compact Hair Dryer is the only hair dryer you need. For medium to longer length hair, it is perfect for a quick dry.

Product Features:
  • AC 120-240V | 50-60 Hz | 2 Settings | 800W DC Motor
  • Easy to hold, compact ball design is perfect for travel.
  • Lightweight dryer weighs less than 1 pound.
  • 2 fan / heat settings: Medium / 168°F or High / 212°F.
  • 6-foot detachable cord.
  • Suitable for all hair types.


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