Glass Slippers




Satin Sparkle Spray 

Glass Slippers is a feather light Satin Shine Spray fit for a queen. This spray defends against heat styling and delivers instant satin shine. The luminous conditioning formula fights static and frizz leaving hair with renewed luster. Most shine sprays produce a glossy finish that weighs the hair down and makes it appear oily. Glass Slippers’ satin finish enhances comb-ability and delivers superior detangling and UV protection. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

How to Use:

Shake. Hold can far away from hair and lightly mists all over allowing it to fall onto the hair. A little goes a long way! Run fingers through the hair to create happy ever after brilliance.

Product Features:
  • Luminous, weightless satin shine
  • Fast drying
  • Color conserving UVB filter & heat protectant protects hair from the sun, UV rays and thermal tools.
  • Conditions and detangles
  • Tames static, fly-aways and Frizz
  • Shinier, sexier, healthier hair courtesy of Omegas 3, 6 & 9
  • Signature soymilk and almond fragrance


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