Ripple Effect The Ultimate Waver


With the Ripple Effect, you now have the power to create the sexy, carefree summer look that everyone is craving! Martino's Ultimate Waver gives you the ability to take your hair from bouncy waves by day to sleek & glamorous by night; it even allows you to craft the perfect curl for those special occasions. Styling your hair has never been so effortless & easy.

Bonus: The Ultimate Waver features a single interchangeable cord, saving you plenty of space on your vanity, at your workstation, or in your suitcase!. (The Ripple Effect cord works perfectly with Martino’s “I’ll Take Two “(Straightener and Curling Wand Duo).

Iconic singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actress, and television personality—Paula Abdul needs perfect curls created in an instant for when she performs. So she reached out to Martino Cartier, and the close friends of 8 years created Forever Your Curl. With a variety of temperature settings, the lightweight tool is perfect for every hair type, and a revolutionary cooling motor built into the paddles sets your curls as you form them. Now you can achieve quick styles with hold that lasts.

Product Features:
• Hot to cold transition locks in style and reduces styling time and breakage
• Can be used as a curling iron up to 320°F or as a flat iron
• Plastic housings are heat-safe to the touch
• High quality and long-lasting motor
• 5 temperature settings: 280°F – 320°F – 360°F – 390°F – 430°F
• Auto shut-off after 30 minutes of no use


1. Plug the iron into a wall outlet.
2. Rotate temperature dial at the base of the tool to turn on.
3. Choose between the 5 temperature settings: 280°F/ 320°F/ 390ºF/ 430°F.
4. Once the desired temperature is reached, the fan will turn on.
5. Press the plate button to open the heating plates, then place a section of hair into it for straightening or curling.

To Curl: Place hair inside plates near the root and release the plate button, rotate the tool 3/4 of the way in a circle and slide the tool away from head so hair slides through the plates, like curling a ribbon with scissors, the cool air will set the curls to lock in style.

To Straighten: Simply place hair inside plates near root and pull downward slowly.

When finished using, rotate the dial to the off position. Unplug the iron and store after the tool is completely cooled down.

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